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If you are interested in starting therapy, we will schedule a 50-minute consultation. During this session, we will explore your personal situation, past experiences, needs, and difficulties. I recommend scheduling two sessions for the initial consultation, as it will provide us with the opportunity to reflect on your experience with the process.

If we determine that psychotherapy is the right treatment for you, we can establish a specific day and time during the week for your regular appointments. I offer both long-term and time-limited therapy, with a recommended minimum of 12 sessions for time-limited therapy. If we conclude that psychotherapy may not be the best option for you at this time, we can explore alternative therapies or routes.

The cost of a single session is £75. If you would like to have a short 10 to 15-minute phone consultation, we can arrange that free of charge.

Where and when 

I offer face-to-face and online psychotherapy.

My in-person sessions take place in Pimlico.

Pimlico Counsellors

6a Bessborough Place,
London, SW1V 3SG

Pimlico - 3 minute walk 

Vauxhall - 12 minute walk 

Victoria - 17 minute walk 

My current clinical hours are:

 In-person sessions on Mondays & Thursdays, 8am to 3pm.  

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