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Why Psychodynamic

Psychodynamic therapy is a deeper form of counselling.

It is based on the idea that certain parts of our inner selves can remain hidden in our unconscious. These hidden aspects can have a profound impact on our feelings and behaviours — shaping our everyday lives and relationships with others.

Psychotherapy can gradually bring the hidden aspects of the self to the conscious awareness, improving self-understanding. It is a gradual and reflective process, which can lead to a strengthened sense of self and increased personal freedom.


My role is to guide you by providing a safe and confidential space, in a gentle and non-judgemental way.

Open-ended psychotherapy

This is a long-term therapy, usually lasting for at least a year, for individuals who are seeking a deeper analysis in order to gain more understanding of their inner self. It is also recommenced for more complex and deep-rooted issues. Weekly sessions last for 50 minutes each.

Time-limited psychotherapy 
This is a short-term therapy for individuals who want to focus on a specific problem or area of their life. The number of sessions is agreed at the beginning, usually between 12 and 20, and we work towards a goal. Weekly sessions last for 50 minutes each. 

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